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Francis Tan

Chief Executive Officer, SLP International

Prior to taking the helm of SLP Scotia as CEO & KEO of SLP International, Francis was the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Scotia Real Estate Group, a regional role that he has held from the year 2015. His journey took him from the polished streets of Singapore, to the vibrant markets of Shanghai and Hong Kong and the edgy boom town of Sihanouk, Cambodia, as the seaside village transformed into a city​ under the Belt & Road Initiative. Back home, he was also responsible for orchestrating and leading one of the largest commercial en-bloc exercises in Singapore. 

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Garett Lim

General Manager, SLP International

Before coming onboard SLP International as General Manager in May 2020, Garett was the Managing Director of a housekeeping company. In 2003, they were the 1st company appointed by MOH to disinfect the Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre when SARS broke out. Under his stewardship, it eventually grew into a 156 staffs' operation with an annual sales turnover of $2.4 million before the company was bought over by a MNC in 2009. Thereafter, he has been with SLP as a sales person and has risen through the ranks to become a Division Director with the Real Artiste Group founded under him. Acting is also one of his interests, he has appeared in several TV drama series for Mediacorp over the last decade. ​